Immediate Dentures

A smiling elderly woman with dentures

An immediate denture is a complete denture that is inserted at the same appointment as tooth extraction (“immediately”), so that you are never without teeth. It is a very good approach when the extraction of your remaining natural teeth is unavoidable.

Preparation for immediate dentures begins before your teeth are extracted.   Preparation involves making impressions of your existing teeth and gums, selecting the appropriate form and color for your replacement teeth, and recording how your upper and lower teeth come together. 

What you should know about immediate dentures

In most cases, we have no way of checking the color or arrangement of the denture teeth in your mouth prior to extraction.  Aesthetic compromises may sometimes result, requiring a second denture to be made after complete healing of the gums. 

After Extraction

Great care should be taken to follow all postoperative instructions. Your gums and bone will recede after extraction, and regular check-ups and maintenance will monitor healing and reduce problems. Temporary linings or tissue conditioners will be required to create an optimal fit and may need to be adjusted or replaced a number of times during the healing period. A permanent reline will be required to ensure a comfortable and an exact fit after you have completed the healing process.  There may be additional fees for these additional treatments.