Dental crowns (sometimes called “caps”) are used to restore badly damaged teeth.  Crowns are indicated when the extent of tooth damage is greater than can be reliably repaired by a less extensive dental restoration.  At Millennium Park Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry, we use a variety of materials for crowns, depending upon the aesthetic and strength requirements. There are now several materials for all-ceramic crowns.  Lithium disilicate or porcelain-zirconia crowns are used primarily for front teeth. Zirconia crowns are used for back teeth.  The time-tested porcelain-gold alloy crown can be used in the front or back of the mouth.  

What is a crown?

The “crown” of your tooth is the part that sits above the gum line. When a tooth is damaged by cracks, breakage or excessive decay, or has undergone root canal treatment, we restore that tooth with an artificial crown, made of porcelain, ceramic or porcelain bonded to gold. As prosthodontists, we have extensive training in the production of the most authentic crowns that you will ever see – ours often outlast the typical dental crown by years and sometimes even decades.

Crowns by Your Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists are dentists with several years of additional training that includes crown fabrication. Every step in making a crown is vitally important to the end result.  This includes how the tooth is shaped for the crown, the accuracy of the impression and bite recording, and the attention to detail when making the crown itself.  Every step influence the fit and aesthetics of the outcome!

How long does a dental crown take?

The procedure usually takes just two visits – the first to place the temporary crown and the second to place the permanent one.

  • Temporary Crown: During the first visit, we will remove decay and shape your tooth to prepare it for the new crown. A dental impression will be taken, and a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth.
  • Permanent Crown:  You will return to us for a second, and shorter, appointment to permanently attach the crown.
Please contact us at Chicago Office Phone Number 312-726-1901 to find out more about how crowns can help preserve the life of damaged teeth!